„How we like the NAVacademy INITIAL Training?“ – reference from ABS Jets

03. 09. 18

August 2018

„We really like your trainings and there are several reasons for that. From our perspective of superiors and senior dispatchers we see them as a big plus in that they save us a lot of time we would otherwise have to spend with our new colleagues in our training rooms. This way we can calmly focus on our work and be 100% sure that the training given to our new dispatchers will be exactly as we expect it as we have cooperated on creating the training schedule and have a possibility to flexibly become involved in the programme.

The dispatchers who have attended your training appreciate the friendly environment, the possibility to consult real professionals who know what they are talking about since they themselves work in interesting positions at airline companies and, obviously, the high quality of the training itself. Last but not least, they all speak very highly of the refreshments at NAV which they always look forward to very much. 😉

In fact there are situations where new employees can at first feel a little disappointed about being sent away from our company right at the start, but as soon as they learn how the training is done at NAV, then they are happy that they would like it to go on even longer. The entire training at NAV is very positive and promotes the desire to finally start real work and learn even more on the job.“

Michal Šalanda  – OCC Manager – ABS Jets – Czech Republic