NAVsystem UPGRADE 4.0

NAV Flight Services proudly introduces NAV system 4.0 – already the fourth version of its well established flight planning and ops control tool to further enhance the flight planning experience. The new version features a brand new advanced flight calculation interface, which provides users with more definitive calculation process with a little room for uncertainty in calculations..

The current users do not need to worry, all the features they know and love have been either preserved or further improved, including advanced route finding with respect to RAD restrictionsEurocontrol proposed routes and validation as well as previously filed routes.

The new version is fully compatible with previous versions and established users will find their data just where they are used to. With the new version, we have made the flight calculation way more user-friendly and the interface is accessible in multiple ways, so it’s clearly visible what’s new and better.

The new interface guides the user through the flight calculation process with ease and clarity by dividing it into essential steps. The system gives you all the relevant information such as NOTAM and Weather information at user’s fingertips. Not only will that help flight dispatchers and other users to be more efficient with their work but also turns their focus more towards overall flight operations efficiency.

The NAV system 4.0 brings more capable, agile and reliable platform for any aircraft operator and any aircraft type worldwide. It is also not limited to either civilian or military sector of the industry. With the new 4.0 we have brought you the world even closer than ever before. Just fly!

NAV Flight Services
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Our clients

NAVsystem is used by all types of operators / private and business operators, commercial airlines, cargo airlines and military clients.

We appreciate any feedback
or recommendations from our clients

With their approval, we publish some of them:

Evaluation of the change to NAVsystem

„The NAV system changes our approach to flight planning. As always in life, every change is challenging, but the more we work and plan in the NAV system the more priceless results we can accomplish due to this change.

As for the system as such – we appreciate greater clarity and the possibility of planning more demanding routes, and last but not least, the use of the NAV system leads to the improvement of our fuel policy, thanks to the function of comparing fuel prices and evaluating whether fuel tankering will be advantageous in all respects or not.

Finally, I would like to thank the gentlemen from NAV, Jan Vaňous and Petr Frolík, for their professional help not only in setting the performance data.“

Vendula Janulíková

OPS Airstreamjets & Silesia Air

NAVsystem evaluation from DSA

„…In our view, the main benefits are the precise fuel consumption model and route optimization options. On behalf of DSA, I can recommend all airline and general aviation operators to use the NAVsystem..“

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Martin Hejra

Flight operations officer for DSA, Czech Republic

„NAVsystem makes life on the flight deck bearable“

The system is easy to understand, nice to use and it is a veritable tool that helps to a great extent on fuel management. The Flight Planning system makes interfacing with Euro Control on long haul flights easy. The Air Traffic Control flight plan can be filed easily, Weather information can be accessed easily, and the Flight Dispatchers confirm that the graphics makes the tool very easy to understand and use. The pilots attest to the fact that it is a good planning tool and makes life on the flight deck in terms of work load bearable.

Adeyemi Adebayo

Dana Airlines Ltd, Nigeria