NAVlink enables flight plan and wind uplinks to FMS using ACARS. The greatest benefits are gained when NAVlink is integrated with a flight planning software, e.g. our very own NAVsystem. The operator can then choose should they want to have their own ACARS server handle the communications or use a third party datalink service provider.

NAVlink can also be deployed independently of other NAV products as it supports industry standards and integrates easily with most of the systems on the market.

Here are some of the benefits you will find while using the NAVlink:

  • There is no need for the company routes to be stored in the FMS database – flight plans are sent to the FMS during preflight via ACARS, hence the improved ground staff workload  and reduced costs of FMS NAV database
  • Reduced crew workload during turnaround / preflight – automated FPL and wind uplinks instead of manual entries saves time and reduces risks of erroneous entries
  • Thanks to the latest accurate wind data uplink, the FMS calculations are kept precise allowing you to benefit from the optimised step climbs during cruise and speed management in case of RTA
  • Descent trajectory and ToD planning becomes more precise with a set of descent winds – this avoids excessive speed fluctuations during descent in VNAV/managed mode and ensures stable predictions displayed on the NAV display

All of the above lead to a significant cost reduction. Actual savings depend on A/C and FMS capabilities, operational procedures and other factors. That is why NAV will work with you to provide a complex value analysis together with a methodology for measuring the savings achieved.

We will also review your operational procedures and suggest optimisations so you can maximise the value of the NAVlink service.


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With their approval, we publish some of them:

Evaluation of the change to NAVsystem

„The NAV system changes our approach to flight planning. As always in life, every change is challenging, but the more we work and plan in the NAV system the more priceless results we can accomplish due to this change.

As for the system as such – we appreciate greater clarity and the possibility of planning more demanding routes, and last but not least, the use of the NAV system leads to the improvement of our fuel policy, thanks to the function of comparing fuel prices and evaluating whether fuel tankering will be advantageous in all respects or not.

Finally, I would like to thank the gentlemen from NAV, Jan Vaňous and Petr Frolík, for their professional help not only in setting the performance data.“

Vendula Janulíková

OPS Airstreamjets & Silesia Air

How do you rate the FLIGHT OPS conference 2022?

It was a pleasured to attend this year’s conference. I have positively evaluated the professional level, selection and expertise of presentations and lecturers, as well as the opportunity to meet great people from the area  and share our experiences with each other. It was an exceptional experience for me in every way and I am already looking forward to next year.

Stanislava Lagová Hužovičová

ELITE JET s.r.o., Slovak republic

Participants about the FLIGHT OPS conference 2022

„Within the NAVacademy project, we attended the FLIGHT OPS conference in April 2022 focused on the latest significant changes and innovations in air traffic (Free Route Airspace), Flight Permission Management (CDM and slots), cyber security and many others. The conference was divide igned in several modules, which were professionally covered at a very high level. The FLIGHT OPS conference is a professional forum where operators have a unique opportunity to meet each other and exchange valuable experiences, as well as to obtain information directly from the source in a simple and understandable way. “


mjr. Ing. Martin Olajec,

Slovak Army

NAVsystem evaluation from DSA

„…In our view, the main benefits are the precise fuel consumption model and route optimization options. On behalf of DSA, I can recommend all airline and general aviation operators to use the NAVsystem..“

Read the entire post

Martin Hejra

Flight operations officer for DSA, Czech Republic

„NAVsystem makes life on the flight deck bearable“

The system is easy to understand, nice to use and it is a veritable tool that helps to a great extent on fuel management. The Flight Planning system makes interfacing with Euro Control on long haul flights easy. The Air Traffic Control flight plan can be filed easily, Weather information can be accessed easily, and the Flight Dispatchers confirm that the graphics makes the tool very easy to understand and use. The pilots attest to the fact that it is a good planning tool and makes life on the flight deck in terms of work load bearable.

Adeyemi Adebayo

Dana Airlines Ltd, Nigeria